Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Profoto B1X Power in all the right places

The Profoto B1 became the benchmark for the on-location flash. Now, the benchmark is about to be set again with the launch of the Profoto B1X.

More than an update, this is a significant replacement with improvements in three important areas; power, power and power.

The B1X features a new LED modelling light which adds 80% more light output. The new battery pack holds an impressive 50% more energy with no extra size or weight. And last but not least, the High Speed Sync power range is extended to the same range as in normal flash mode - 9 full f-stops.

Add to that two new OCF reflectors that are compact in size yet add lots of punch and direction to overpower the sun and no matter where you’re shooting, you’ll have power in all the right places.

Find out all about these new products at: https://profoto.com/speed-redefined/ca/b1x/

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