Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Scott Secco speaking at FUSION 2014

For those who are interested in mountain bike action film-making or just love watching mountain bike films, you should come hear Scott Secco at Fusion 2014. Scott is an action sports filmmaker from Victoria and his talk will cover his own introduction to film-making, the summer he worked as an intern for Sherpas Cinema during the editing of ‘’Into the Mind,’’ and his transition from shooting web videos to working on his first feature film: ‘’Builder.’’ From athlete injury in the Chilean Andes, to the joys of hyperlapsing, this talk will cover the ins and outs of action sport film-making. Over the years he’s mastered the art of riding a mountain bike down sketchy trails with far too much camera gear strapped to his back – a handy skill for an action film-maker.  For more information about FUSION 2014 and tickets go to:

Friday, September 12, 2014

NEW! Nikon D750 Digital SLR

Now to be honest, my first reaction to reading the D750 specifications and seeing photos of the body was... slight disappointment. Consumer looking body, no AF-on button, no pro-camera 10-pin remote connector, some important settings buttons, like ISO, along the back rather than to the top-left of the VF where all the pro bodies have had them (and where I've gotten used to finding them!), consumer-grade slide-in VF eyecup, WiFi instead of GPS darn-it (okay fine... most will actually prefer having WiFi) and what the heck… it is even lighter than a D610?! How can this be a pro body, worthy of being the "true" successor to the D700?

Then the good points starting sinking in, some to me quite unexpected, such as the fact that it potentially has even better autofocus than the D810 or D4S, with not only the excellent 51-point pro-series AF sporting the new Group-Area-AF mode, but the fact that it's rated to be more sensitive in low light allowing for focusing down to -3 EV, a whole stop lower light than the others. The D750 also has the same video mode enhancements found on the D810, including zebra-stripes to show overexposure clipping, faster frame-rates in full-HD, Auto-ISO in manual mode and more.