Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Best in Show: $250 Beau credit, your print framed by Framagraphic Picture Framing and Print Gallery & a pack of Impossible Film
Judges Choice (3 winners): $50 Beau credit, your print framed by Framagraphic Picture Framing and Print Gallery & a pack of Impossible Film

Attention all Canadian Impossible Project fans. We're joining forces with Vancouver Photo Workshops to put together a show filled with your Impossible images at PhotoHaus gallery. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

DSLR Dynamics Video Visuals Tour

September 28th - Richmond BC
Whether you are coming from traditional video cameras, are a still photographer or currently shoot DSLR video – DSLR Dynamics will cover all the stages of filmmaking and take your videos to a new level. Theworkshops are taught by two award-winning instructors.

Barry Andersson is the author of a top-selling Amazon book for DSLR video/filmmaking, THE DSLR FILMMAKER’S HANDBOOK, speaks at top film schools, & is a regular instructor for many NFL, MLB, NBA & NHL production crews. planetMitch is the owner of planet5d.com — a highly ranked website that fe  atures blog and video reports on topics vital to the HDSLR community — and he also interviews industry leaders via his popular planet5D podcasts. In addition, planetMitch co-produced the short film “Incident on Marmont Avenue.”

You’ll gain expert knowledge, as well as practical tips and tricks necessary to take greater control over creative projects, consistently deliver impactful videos, and master the look & feel you’ve been looking for.
• Lighting
• Compostion and Framing
• Camera Movement
• Audio
• Editing and Post Production 
 and More…

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Oct. 1st price increase on Hasselblad lenses...

Unfortunately, Hasselblad has announced an October 1st price increase for their H-system lenses, anywhere from 5% to 12%. For example, the new ultra-wide 24mm lens pictured above, will increase from a current price of $5,995 US to $6,650 US, up 10.9%.

However it is not too late to get your order in for that HC or HCD lens you've been meaning to get! Hasselblad currently has good stock on most lenses and as long as we get the order in to Hasselblad before October 1st, you can still take advantage of the current pricing. If you have any questions or want exact Canadian prices on a particular lens, please call or email us!