Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lindsay Adler Behind the Scenes Video

Check out this great behind-the-scenes video of the Lindsay Adler workshop in Vancouver back on the October 17th weekend. Hugh Tull did an amazing job organizing the event and he even found time to make the BTS video of it!

Friday, November 21, 2014

NEW! Fujifilm X-T1 GS, X100T and more...

Finally after a long wait, some hotly anticipated new Fujifilm cameras are in stock! First off, we have the lovely new X-T1 Graphite-Silver Edition, seen above. Then, the new X100T bodies have come in as well…

Note that as of this blog entry posting, we still have one beautiful silver X100S remaining in stock at a reduced price!

Also, Fujifilm has announced a set of macro extension tubes for the X-system - way cool! They are fully coupled electronically with the X-system lenses and should be available some time in December for roughly $100-$110 each…

Despite the fact that it is not mentioned in Fujifilm's press release, nor shown on their lens compatibility chart, I have confirmed that you should be able to stack these tubes with, for example, the XF 60mm f/2.4R macro lens to get close to 1:1 magnification - by itself without tubes the 60mm only gives 1:2, so half life-size. For many lenses, stacking both tubes will likely be too much though. For example, on the XF 18-55mm zoom, using MCEX-16 by itself already results in a nearly unusable 4mm working distance at 18mm! However at 55mm, the working distance becomes a more manageable 63mm. If you were to try using both tubes, the point of focus would actually be behind the front element of the lens at 18mm although when you zoom towards 55mm, at some point I suspect the stacked pair would become useable again. For a PDF chart showing specifications for the individual converters when mounted on the current X-series lenses, see the following link…

Magnification of the Macro Extension Tube (PDF: 90KB)

Lastly, Fujifilm has released details on the upcoming firmware updates for their X-series bodies. The black X-T1 will get an especially comprehensive list of updates! Here are links to Fujifilm's info on the upcoming firmware (as well as the extension tube announcement)…

Fujifilm Announces Macro Tubes and Details of Upcoming Firmware Updates

Friday, November 7, 2014

Lomography Photo Contest 2014!

Beau Photo Supplies is having a Lomography Photo Contest! We want you to go out and take photos with your Lomography camera or send in ones you've already taken.

You could be the lucky winner of a brand new Diana camera! Photo entries are free but limited to 5 photos per customer, and must have been taken on a Lomography brand camera. Contest is open Internationally. Photos should be printed in 4x6 or 5x5 format or standard panoramic size. Please don't hesitate to contact the film department if you have any questions regarding this! Email Nicole:

The contest will be open for submissions from Now until 5pm December 22th, 2014. Submissions will be judged by a panel on December 24th, 2014. This year Beau Photo will be open December 29th , 30th till 5:00pm and December 31st till noon, so feel free to come by and view all the photos entered and have a peruse of our boxing week sales. However, if you can't make it by during the holidays, the photos will be on display until January 31st.

The Grand Prize winner will receive a Diana camera donated by Lomography NYC. The Runner Up will receive Lomography film. We are excited to see your images!

To submit, please drop off or mail your prints to the store with your name, phone number, email address and type of camera used printed on the back of each photo. If you have trouble getting into the store to drop off submissions during our regular
8:30 – 5pm, for the month of December we are open till 7pm on Fridays plus our usual 7pm Thursdays.

If you would like to have your photos mailed back to you please include a self addressed stamped envelope with your submission. We will not be held responsible for any accidental damage to the photos we receive as they will be up in our entrance way for all to view, so please do not send any originals.

Our mailing address is:

Beau Photo Supplies
1520 W 6th. Ave
Vancouver, BC
V6J 1R2

If you are not familiar with the Lomography series of cameras, here's a fairly comprehensive list of them all and a few samples. If you don't already own a Lomo camera or want to buy another one to try out, we have quite the range in store!

One of their really fun cameras because you actually build it yourself is the Konstructor!

 Here's a sample of a photo from the Konstructor.
The next series of cameras are the LC-A, LC-A 120 and the LC-A Wide.
Here's a look at the LC-A Wide...
And a sample from the LC-A Wide.

There's also the Lubitel, the Lomokino and the Sprocket Rocket.

One of their really sharp, great cameras that is extra versatile because it does a variety of sizes is the BelAir.

It can do 6x12...

And 6x6....

6x9 size...

As well as regular 35mm in a long format...

Lomography also has their great range of Diana cameras. From the baby (110 film) to the mini (35mm film) to the standard F+ (120mm film.)

We love the Diana F+! Especially with its varieties of colors!

Can you tell we also love animals?

Another one of their cameras that comes in quite the variety of colors is the La Sardina. Which is aptly named, as it's based on a camera made from a sardine can! Takes fun photos too.

If it's that sweet Fisheye look you're into, then they've got those too! There's the Fisheye 1 and 2, plus the Fisheye Baby 110! The baby is pretty cute, but takes some serious photos.

Lomography also has quite the range of sampler and splash cameras. There's the SuperSampler, the Action Sampler, the Oktomat and the POP 9. Which all take multiple images at once, giving you a great idea of motion. There's also the ColorSplash, that comes with colorful gels you can put over the flash to give you a burst of color in your photos!

Here's the ColorSplash.

And lastly, if you want to get the whole picture....there's some very interesting and creative panoramic cameras in the Lomo line up. There's the Spinner 360 that will actually spin around and get a whole view and the Horizon which has a swing lens to get a great 180 degree view.

Here's the Horizon Kompakt.

It takes fantastic panoramics!

If you have any more questions or would like to inquire which cameras we have in stock give us a call or send us an email! We also carry a variety of Lomography film too!