Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Spring into Savings with PocketWizard

Spring into Savings with PocketWizard!  Now extended until July 31, 2017.  Save on your PocketWizard purchases. These are instant rebates, so no hassles with mail in rebates. Come in now and get ready for some great summer photography.

Here are the Rebates:

AC3 ZoneController for Nikon PW-AC3-N $10.00
AC3 ZoneController for Canon PW-AC3-C $10.00
AC9 AlienBees Adapter for Nikon PW-AC9-N $10.00
AC9 AlienBees Adapter for Canon PW-AC9-C $10.00 
PowerST4 Receiver for Elinchrom PW-ST4-FCC $15.00
PowerMC2 Receiver for Einstein E-640 PW-MC2-FCC $15.00 
PlusX Transceiver PW-PLUSX-FCC   $15.00 
Plus III Transceiver - Black PW-PLUS3-FCC $15.00
Plus III Transceiver - Yellow PW-PLUS3-FCC-YELLOW    $15.00
FlexTT5 Transceiver for Nikon PW-FLEX-N $20.00
FlexTT5 Transceiver for Canon PW-FLEX-C  $20.00 
FlexTT5 Transceiver for Panasonic PW-FLEX-P $20.00 
MiniTT1 Transmitter for Nikon PW-MINI-N  $20.00 
MiniTT1 Transmitter for Canon PW-MINI-C  $20.00 
PlusX Transceiver 2-pack PW-PLUSX-FCC-2 $20.00
Plus IV Transceiver PW-PLUS4-FCC $20.00
Plus IV Bonus Bundle 3 PW-PLUS4-BB3-FCC $30.00
TTL Super 4-Pack for Nikon PW-TTL-4PK-N $30.00
TTL Super 4-Pack for Canon PW-TTL-4PK-C $30.00
TTL Bonus Bundle 3 for Panasonic PW-FLEX-P-BB3 $30.00
Plus IV/III Bonus Bundle 4 PW-P4P3-BB4-FCC $35.00
TTL Super 5-Pack for Nikon  PW-TTL-5PK-N  $35.00
TTL Super 5-Pack for Canon  PW-TTL-5PK-C $35.00

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