Thursday, May 11, 2017

Hasselblad Trade-In Pricing...

On June 1st, 2017, Hasselblad will be implementing some changes to their trade-in/upgrade program. There will be a slight price increase across the board, on average roughly about 10%. In addition, and more importantly for those with older systems, there will no longer be any trade-in allowance at all for H3D and older systems. Only H4D systems and newer will be eligible for a trade-ins as of June 1st.

Hasselblad's trade-in allowances have been very generous for older systems, generally far in excess of what you could get if trying to sell on the used market. So... if you have been contemplating an upgrade, do not delay!

Following is a link to Hasselblad's website that details the changes to the upgrade program. Note that the prices listed are in USD of course. Right now, you'd be looking at roughly 40% more in CDN dollars, once shipping, exchange, brokerage etc. is factored in. So, multiply those prices by 1.4x to estimate Canadian costs.

Hasselblad H6D Trade-In Price Change Details

Also, if you have been thinking of a new Hasselblad, but do not have a system to trade, we actually have two used H3D-39 systems at the moment. You could buy one, trade it in towards a new H6D, and come out way ahead since you will get far more value on the trade than the cost of the used one. In addition, with those used cameras you can pick up an 80mm lens as well, and even a film magazine with one of them, since those items will not need to be sent in for the trade, only the body, prism and digital back, as well as some accessories and caps. See the image at the top of the post to see the two cameras we currently have. Note that the one on the right has the added GPS module attachment as well and if you click on the image, it will open up bigger to more easily read the tags.

As an example of trade-in value, let's say you wanted to get a new H6D-50c. The regular pricing here in Canada for an outright purchase with no trade-in, is $36,395. However, if you were to trade in either of the H3D systems above, the price drops to $25,345, for a trade-in allowance of $11,050. So, you can save $5,250 by buying, then trading the H3d on the left, or save $6,050 for the one on the right! Plus, you get to keep the 80mm lens on either one, whereas a new one would be $4,350! The film magazine new, should you care about having one, is $3,050!

So, you can see that there'd be well over $10,000 in savings, factoring in the lens and accessories, on either of those two used cameras, should you buy and then trade towards a new H6D-50c. But only before June 1st, so don't let this great opportunity slip away; contact us today!

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