Thursday, July 20, 2017

Orangemonkie is now at Beau Photo

Here is a couple great new products that you just might need. The FOLDIO2 by Orangemonkie is a 15 inch portable shooting tent that comes with its own LED lights. It is great for web merchandising or product photography for jewelry, shoes, sunglasses, beauty products and many more. The LED strip lighting is a daylight temp of 5700K and completely dimmable. Also what is great is that is folds down into a neat little package making it a truly portable lighting solution for the on-the-go product photographer. Add to that the FOLDIO360, and you can easily create 360 degree product images using a smart phone or a digital camera. The FOLDIO360 uses Bluetooth and IR sensors to connect directly to your smart phone and DSLR. Once you click on the start button, it will automatically rotate, take pictures, and combine them to create one final 360 degree image.

FOLDIO2      $109.95

FOLDIO360  $189.95

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Profoto extends the Free TTL Transmitter offer

The Profoto Free Air TTL Transmitter offer has been extended until August 31st 2017!
Purchase a Profoto B1 Location 2 head kit or either the B2 to go or B2 Location kit before August 31, 2017 and get a free Air TTL for Canon, Nikon, Sony, or Olympus or an Air Remote FREE! That is up to a $599.00 value.

Don’t let this offer pass you by!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Argus Day 2017!

Argust 17th, 2017

Its almost August and as usual all Argus enthusiasts will be gearing up for Argus Day 2017! Meghan and myself are Beau Photo's Argus fans and we have many customers who also adore Argus cameras.

Just in time for Argus Day 2017, Meghan has acquired a new Argus 75. Unlike her previous black Argus Seventy-Five 1949-1958, this one is a later version manufactured from 1958-1964 and it has a lustrous brown finish. Like last year Meghan will have to alter some 120 film to fit it in her Argus 75 as it was intended for 620 film. Luckily with these cameras it just requires her to use scissors and cut down a 120 spool of film. For myself, as there are many intriguing Argus cameras floating around, I'd like to shoot a different Argus camera than I did last year when I shot the Argus A and the Argus C3. This year I hope to borrow an Argus C33 from a friend who is an avid Argus collector!

You can share your Argus Day photos on social media, as we’d love to see them all! Use the hashtag #ArgusDay2016 or on Twitter mentions us @beauphotostore or Instagram @beau_photo_supplies. You can also email any of your photos to and we will include them in our next post with all our photos from Argus Day! Be sure to include what camera you used.

There is even a special Argus Collectors page, dedicated to all things Argus with many great reference guides and info. You can also submit your Argus Day photos to them each year, which they then post to their yearly archive.