Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The 7th blog of Christmas

Cinevate Fesitivus Sale: 30% off select in stock Cinevate products

This is a deal that will sure to be a hit with any DSLR photographer/videographer. Cinevate produces some of the highest quality products for DSLR and video shooters. Canadian based and produced, their products are used worldwide by some of the best in the business. Cinevate products are smoother, sturdier and better built than many of the cheaper offshore products.

Here are a few samples of the great deals to be had till Santa comes.

Atlas FLT w/ adjustable feet 26” Rail         Reg. $578.95 30% off  $405.26
Atlas FLT w/ All terrain Legs 26” Rail          Reg. $728.95 30% off  $510.26
Atlas FLT w/ adjustable feet 35" Rail          Reg. $629.50  30% off $440.65
Atlas 10 w/ adjustable feet 35"Rail             Reg. $684.50  30% off $479.15
Cyclops Simplis Kit                                  Reg. $689.95 30% off  $482.96

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