Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The 6th blog of Christmas

Sale on Video Microphones and digital recording devices.

The video quality of DSLR cameras nowadays can be spectacular, even mainstream television and movies are being made with these cameras. Where these cameras fall short, is in their built-in microphones. While these mics are better than nothing, the quality of recording improves greatly with the addition of a external recording device mounted on the hot-shoe of the camera.  Companies like Røde and Sennheiser make a wide range of high quality mini shotgun and stereo mics, in a wide range of prices, that will take your video sound to a whole new level.  Zoom makes external recording devices that record to an SD card that you sync up to the video footage later. There are automated synchronization software products like "PluralEyes 3" that can make this a breeze to achieve.

From now till Christmas all in-stock Sennheiser, Røde and Zoom products are 10% off our regular low prices.

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