Friday, April 17, 2015

Where can you develop film in Vancouver?

Looking for somewhere locally to develop 110, 35mm 120 Black & White & C41 film? Well, the friendly staff at Rocket Repro are here to help! Thanks to Martin for providing us with a little bit of their history and what services they offer.

Most people think about Rocket Reprographics as “The Headshot Place” where actors and headshot photographers get their images printed. While this is certainly true, we do so much more than that, providing services for both professional and amateur photographers.

Rocket Repro began as an exclusively Black and White photo lab in the late 1980’s servicing a small number of professional photo studios. At that time all headshots and much fashion photography was shot and printed in Black and White. In the mid-90’s we took our lab retail with a storefront in Gastown and did Black and White film development and printing to include amateur photographers and enthusiasts as well as our professional clientele. (We even included budding photographer Brian Adams as a client - our Gastown neighbour before moving to London!) The next transition was to color processing and then ultimately to digital. We now provide a full spectrum of imaging services including digital output wide format, fine art prints as well as servicing Actors with headshots Canada wide.

But still, we have not forgotten our roots. We continue to process both Black and White as well as Color negative film, and we print and scan from negatives for both professionals still working in that medium as well as photo enthusiasts revisiting this lost art. We are very excited to see film make its resurgence and truly enjoy being part of this new film revolution. 

403 West Cordova St. Vancouver BC


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