Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Learn to develop your own black & white film!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to process your own film at home but you aren't sure how to get started?

Well you are in luck! Beau Photo's own Kathy Kinakin will now be holding Black & White Film Developing classes, by appointment only. Schedule a time that suits you, for just $45 and receive a complete 90 - 120 min tutorial. (Please note; price change due to class time being extended to give everyone more time to practice film loading and ask lots questions!) Kathy will go through loading your film in the tank, and all the chemical processes needed to develop your black and white film at home!

The only required items for this course is your own developing tank and a roll of black and white film that is ready to be processed.

Please email the film department for more information or to schedule a time. film@beauphoto.com

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