Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Cutting Edge Tour is coming very soon!

On August 9th we be sponsoring "The Cutting Edge Tour". Adam Epstein from Saturday Night Live will be sharing his knowledge of video editing to those attending.  For those who love or dread video editing this will be the seminar for you:

The Cutting Edge Post-Production Tour will show exactly what it takes to go from an empty timeline to a high-quality, ready-for-broadcast piece. By using the full, original source media and project files from some of the most popular recent pieces from the SNL Film Unit, Adam will share numerous techniques, theories and editorial insight into what goes into taking a piece from start to finish while under intense delivery deadlines.

Designed for filmmakers and editors of all stripes, this all-day workshop will show you how to increase your speed and storytelling effectiveness, allowing you to plus whatever piece you need to deliver and add your own unique voice.

Tickets starting at $69 with discount code CETBEAU .  For more information and to register go to;    Don't forget to use the discount code to save $$$

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