Thursday, December 20, 2012

The 9th Blog of Christmas

Video Tripods.
Why would you use a dedicated video tripod over your old 3-way or ball head?
Two reasons; smoother pans and consistency in repeatable movements.  Many new videographers or those trying out the video capabilities of a new DSLR for the first time, try to save money by "making do" by using a still tripod and head to achieve their desired video movements. While this certainly will do in a pinch, it is often not till you get to see the footage on a larger screen that you see the shortfalls of  using inadequate equipment, such as;  jerky movements, looking like the you tried to pan right after getting out of the water after the polar bear swim, "backlash," where, as you finish the pan, the legs snap back in the opposite direction of pan, inconsistency, you nail the pan or the tilt sometimes but when it really counts and the "pressure is on," the results are disappointing.

Just in time for Christmas we have the Manfrotto 547B+701HD Kit on special.  A great lightweight Video tripod and head combo perfect for DSLR Video, and it even comes with a carrying bag.
for more technical information go to :

Regular price $449.95        Sale price $ 399.95

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