Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Stillmotion KNOW tour landing in Vancouver

I just wanted to tell you about a one day workshop that we are happy to be affiliated with.

Stillmotion out of Toronto and San Francisco are coming to Vancouver to share their knowledge of DSLR Video Production.  This is an North America wide tour with only a one day stop in Vancouver.

Stillmotion have shot incredible weddings and produced work for Showtime, CBS, The NFL,  Callaway and Canon, they have also been pioneers in pushing DSLR Video to new levels.

Stillmotion is a creative, dynamic and fun crew of people that have put together a program called "KNOW", where they want to share their knowledge with like-minded creative people who want to learn more about DSLR Video.

KNOW is about finding your voice as a storyteller - how your lighting, audio, lenses, composition, and editing shape your story.

The link below contains information on how to register.  It also gives you an introduction to the instructors, a list of costs and an overview of the one day workshop that will be held in Vancouver on the 22nd of September.

Check out this event then sign-up as it is going to be fantastic and it is going to sell out.


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