Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lensbaby at Fusion 2012

We have some great news for you and those attending Fusion 2012. We have just added a bonus speaker to the Fusion lineup! Lensbaby has flown in Ben Hutchinson to speak in the main trade show area starting at 1PM.  What will he talk about? All the great Lensbaby products and how you can use them in your still and video work and play! 

Do you want to add a little zing and creativity to your photos, but don’t know where to start? Ben will be speaking about the Lensbaby Creative Effects camera lens system. Lensbaby makes a variety of special effects interchangeable lenses, optics, and accessories, designed to let you create unique images in-camera as you’re capturing the moment. Ben has been using these lenses for years and will give you the full low-down on what a Lensbaby is, and why, how and when to best use one.  Who is Ben Hutchinson? Ben is a photographer who lives and works in Portland, Oregon, studied film and photography at university of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and graduated with a bachelor of fine arts in film. He has received numerous awards and achievements in the field of professional photography over the course of his career. 

Lensbaby will have demo units of many of there products for you to use, so bring your camera and a drivers license or a credit card to exchange for the free, but temporary, use of these great optics while you try them out at the trade show.  For more info in Fusion 2012 go to: http://www.beauphoto.com/fusion2012/fusion_frm.html

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