Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kirk Neff comes to Langara Friday Feb 24th

Only 2 days left to the launch of Fusion 2012 with Kirk Neff's talk at 7pm at Langara College. This is a free event sponsored by Nikon Canada.

I am really stoked to hear Kirk's talk; about his career, his experiences, his travels and the gear he uses. With 18 years of experience and now current director of Photography for Global Television's "16x9",  Kirk has worked on some amazing stories "Storytelling is a passion of mine and there is nothing like being able to tell someone's story creatively through my lens".
Primarily shooting on the Nikon D7000 though I am sure he has had a chance now to shoot with Nikon's new D800, it will be interesting to find out his thoughts and why and how he made the shift to using a DSLR for all his video.  It doesn't matter which make or model camera you use, anyone who comes to hear Kirk's talk will get a lot out of it! 
The talk starts at 7pm this Friday and runs till 9pm at Langara Room A130 in Building "A"   it's the main building facing 49th Ave. in Vancouver

 You can view some of Kirks work at or follow him on twitter @kirkneff.

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