Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Choose Hensel Not Scrap

Often photographers compromise on quality to save a few dollars. This is usually a false economy. If the gear breaks down after a few months, and you have to continually replace it, are you really saving any money?  Hensel can provide you with dependable flash technology which will stay by your side for decades, sturdy pro equipment that won’t let you down even after years of use in the most challenging locations.

With Hensel, you are choosing a solid light partner for any situation – so you can concentrate on creating stunning images without having to worry about your equipment!

Hensel should be known for more than just the fact that it is “Made in Germany." Since 1963, Hensel has been developing and producing high-quality flash and lighting technology, both for photographers and the industrial sector. They are not just a manufacturer, but a service provider as well, and Hensel is committed to the people who purchase their products. Here is a link to the Hensel website: http://hensel.eu/en/

Come in or call for pricing on the complete lineup of amazing and well-built Hensel products.

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