Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Meet A Scientist

This weekend was fun! Kathy and I got to do an event at Science World called 'Meet A Scientist'. Of course Kathy was the scientist, I was her assistant.

We showed kids and adults alike what's inside an instant photograph using the same technique that we teach people when doing emulsion lifts. First, we needed some photos to take apart so I ran around Science World shooting instant photos, much to the delight of the many onlookers who were there for the Dragon Boat races!

To create an emulsion lift, cut the frame from an Impossible photograph, then peel the back from the front protective plastic. After doing this you'll notice the emulsion has stuck to one of the sides. Submerge the side that holds the image in warm water. After a few minutes you'll see the image layer rise up off the plastic.


Then remove the plastic from the water and you are left with a gooey gelatin layer, which is the emulsion. Next we put a piece of paper into the water and poke the emulsion around until it floats over the paper. Using your fingers, pin two corners of the emulsion to the paper while pulling the paper and emulsion from the water. The weight of the water will help pull the emulsion flat over the paper.

After it is laying on the paper just the way you want, leave it flat on paper towel to dry.

If you're interested in doing a workshop on emulsion lifting please email film@beauphoto.com. We hope to have another emulsion lift workshop in early June.

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