Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Used Polaroid 190

Used Polaroid 190                                                                    SOLD!              $750.00

A Polaroid 190 has made its way into our consignment department. The 190 is one of the most coveted Land cameras out there because of its 114mm f3.8 Tominon lens. It uses peel apart 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 instant film, either Fuji or if your lucky enough to have some expired Polaroid, that too.

The Land 190 has a Zeiss viewfinder / rangefinder combination making it easier than other Land models to focus.

The consignee of this item says he was offered this camera by a contact at Polaroid when they were being discontinued, so he took them up on their offer. This might account for the fact that the camera body says '190 Land camera' on it but the outer case says '195' on it. It comes with a strap, Polaroid filter case, close up kit and a lovely hard case to carry it all in.

Nicole has her own Polaroid 195 Land camera and she says it has made a significant difference in her instant photography. It not only allows for a lot more control and far less waste but it has just made the entire experience of shooting peel apart instant film more enjoyable.

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