Thursday, June 26, 2014

New Gitzo Mountaineer tripods

The rumors have proved to be true, Gitzo has now announced that they have totally redesigned the Mountaineer series of tripods.

The research and development team at Gitzo have started at the very core of the tripod and improved on the material the tripod is made of. The new Mountaineer tripods use HM (High Modulus) carbon fibre for increased stiffness and strength, producing a stronger, more reliable tripod. This improvement also allows for wider tube diameters in the lower leg sections which can often be a tripods weakest point. Also a big improvement is the new “ground level set”. This innovative design allows you to quickly remove the lower portion of centre column and then lock down only the upper most section. Next they have improved on the leg lock system with the new “G-lock Ultra”, and added internal “O” rings to keep dirt and grit out.

One of the major differences between Gitzo and other professional CF tripods is how smooth and fast it is to set up a Gitzo tripod. I have seen many CF tripods at trade shows and brought in to Beau Photo by sales reps, and they never come close to the smoothness and ease of use of a Gitzo tripod. Yes they do cost more, but when you invest in a quality made product, you have a tripod you want to take out and use, and you are not left feeling frustrated as you struggle to extend the legs of a tripod that feels like just had rigor mortis set in.

The new Gitzo Mountaineer tripods will be arriving soon. Call us for pricing.

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