Friday, April 4, 2014

2 Great Impossible Project Workshops April 26th & 28th at Vancouver Photo Workshops

Saturday, April 26th, 10am - 5pm for $79!

Join Kathy, Beau Photo Supplies' expert on Impossible Project Film for a chance to learn the basics of the 8x10 camera and try out Impossible Project's 8x10 instant film without having to buy a full box of film.

For the Impossible Film 8x10 Workshop, each person will have about an hour and fifteen minute time slot in which to set up whatever subject they like and shoot a sheet of Impossible Project 8x10 film (additional film can be purchased, see below for more details).

Participants are encouraged to bring in a model or still life subject matter, and will be able to use our 8x10 camera and lighting to create the perfect shot.

ncluded is one 8x10 Impossible Project instant film image plus instruction on the process.

Additional shots can be taken for just $20 each OR purchase a box of film and have some left at the end of the day to use for your own project!


Monday, April 28th, 6:30pm - 9:30pm for Only $45!

There is more to an Impossible Project photo than the square picture and uneven white border... Kathy from Beau Photo Supplies will show you how an image layer in this film can be transferred to watercolour paper or other materials, giving you an entirely different look!

For just $45, get hands on and create something totally unique in this Impossible Project Emulsion Lift Workshop. Participants will learn the basic technique of emulsion lifts using Impossible Project film, tips and tricks that will make transferring the elusive emulsion onto watercolour paper, and some options for pushing the process beyond a single image on white paper.

If you have attended the Impossible Project 8x10 Workshop, and have an image that you would like to transfer, you can do it here! Otherwise, you can take some photos around the studio with the supplied Polaroid 600 and Spectra cameras and film to use for your own transfers.

Attendees will leave with one to three transfers that you've made in class plus handouts that will help you contine the process at home!

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