Thursday, January 9, 2014

Impossible Project 8x10 Workshop

Finally! Beau Photo’s 8x10 Impossible Project Workshop will take place on January 14th and 16th.  
This is your chance to try out Impossible Project's 8x10 film without having to buy a whole box and figure out the processor on your own! Learn all about this film and how to get from taking the photograph to processing the image, as well as what options you have for preserving your image. 

This workshop will be a different format than our lift workshops. Each person will have about an hour and fifteen minute time slot in which to set up whatever they like and shoot a sheet of Impossible Project 8x10 film. You are encouraged to bring your own model or still life subject matter, and you will be able to use our 8x10 camera and lighting from our rental department to create the perfect shot. 

The $30 workshop fee includes one 8x10 Impossible Project shot and instruction on the process. Additional shots can be taken for just $20 each or you can purchase a box of film and have some left at the end of the day to use as you wish. If you are inspired, you can also do a lift with this film here at Beau or when you get home. Payment in advance is required to secure your place. 

Call or e-mail Nicole for information and to register. 

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