Monday, December 9, 2013

Impossible Project - Follow Up and UPCOMING January Workshop

Last week we had a Winter Impossible lift workshop. We had a lot of fun lifting the emulsion of the Impossible Instant photos onto all sorts of different surfaces: pre-coloured water colour paper, silver paper, tissue and regular papers, canvas and even glass! Add your name to our list if you would like to be contacted about the next lift workshop.
There will be Instant Impossible 8x10 workshops January 14th and 16th. Each person will get their own 60 to 90 minute time slot and are invited to bring a model or still life subject from home. You will have free access to lighting from our Rental Department to use in our upstairs studio, and the 8x10 camera and processor required for this film. The workshop fee is $30 which includes instruction and an 8x10 Impossible Film sheet of film to shoot. Should you decide you'd like to take more photographs, they will be $20 each. Contact Nicole in the Film department for more information.

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