Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Demo Sale! Epson Stylus Photo R3000...

It's time to rotate out our demo Epson Style Photo R3000 printer. Our regular price is $849, but the demo printer can be had on sale for only $700 SOLD! (one demo only at that price)

The R3000 is a pigment-based inkjet with 8 inks (9 if you count both matte and glossy black) that will give archival prints on the appropriate paper. Estimated print longevity ranges from around 60 years with RC-based gloss or semi-gloss papers, to well over 100 years for acid-free, archival, cotton based fine-art stock. With an exceptionally small, 2 pico-litre droplet size, prints are extremely sharp and detailed with no visible dithering. The addition of two lighter gray inks (Epson calls them "Light Black" and "Light Light Black") means that black & white images also look stunning with no visible dot pattern. Ink cartridges are larger than average for a desktop printer too, being about 2.5 times the capacity of the R2880 for example, so this reduces cartridge swaps and saves on ink cost as well.

Having pigment inks means that the R3000 is compatible a huge variety of third-party papers and the vast majority of manufacturers have ICC profiles ready-made for use with the Epson R3000. We sell a large variety of papers from Hahnemühle, Ilford, Moab, Crane (Museo), Harman, Pictorico and of course Epson, so the versatility of a pigment-based printer like the R3000 is tremendous.

In addition, there is also a $200 mail-in rebate available from Epson here: R3000 Rebate PDF. After the rebate, that effectively makes it $500, which is one heck of a bargain for a top-end, archival, pigment-based 13x19 printer!

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