Friday, December 21, 2012

The 11th Blog of Christmas

A brand new meter from Sekonic.  This is another fantastic gift!

Sekonic has introduced the new LITEMASTER PRO series of touchscreen light control meters. Ideal for all types of storytellers, the L-478 series offers light measurement and control for photographers and filmmakers alike, plus additional wireless flash triggering and power control in the L-478DR model.

Whether it's filmmaking or photography, great storytellers use light as a main character and as a method to define the mood, focus and setting. Having a tool that allows you total control over dynamic range and multiple light sources make you confident about the craft while focusing on the art.

Some of the key features are:
Touch screen control, Built in PocketWizard Module on the L-478DR version
Exposure Profiling, 5┬║ Spot meter attachment available
Unique HD Cine / Cine /Light measuring features

For more information go to:

Now till Christmas take $25.00 off your purchase of either the L-478 or the L478DR

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