Friday, November 30, 2012

X-Rite Densitometer 310 (#4531)

X-Rite Densitometer 310 (#4531)



The X-Rite 310 simplifies your process control readings, allowing you to take an accurate series of readings in less than a minute. Two technological features make this possible:

- Electronic Filter Selection (EFS). Our unique optical design enables you to electronicallynot manuallyswitch from one color channel to another. This feature also allows the instrument to read and display the values for all colors: visual, red, green, and blue.

- Automatic color measurement. The instrument automatically recognizes and measures only the dominant color that is being read. When you move from one reading to the next, the 310 automatically responds to color changes.

EFS and auto color measurement deliver the performance advantages you need to quickly plot the numbers used to monitor your color print processor control strips.