Thursday, June 28, 2012

Used Fuji X100 for sale

Fall in love with photography all over again.
Inspired by the beauty and form of classic cameras from the past, the FinePix X100 combines all the latest technical digital innovations in a beautiful, traditional chassis.
Echoing the functional aesthetics of analogue film cameras, the ‘manual’ dials have been carefully positioned to give the photographer easy control over creative shooting. Aperture, shutter speed and exposure compensation can be checked even before the camera is turned on.
The ergonomics of the design offer the perfect balance between compact convenience and user-friendly operation. Every control has been carefully considered to give the photographer fast access to aperture, shutter speed and exposure compensation, to allow maximum creative expression with minimum hassle.

Used $850.00 SOLD


  1. This was posted a month ago. Still for sale?


  2. HI Jeff,
    Surprisingly so. The Fuji X100 is still available for sale.

  3. Please contact me at Beau Photo at 604 734-7771 or



  4. Yes it is and at new lower price of $700.00
    contact me at Beau Photo at 604 734-7771


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