Sunday, April 7, 2013

Unique coded PocketWizard Multimax for the Olympics

Pocket Wizard Multi Max Transceiver (Pair) with unique codes from the Olympics.
Limited quantities! The most advanced Wireless Triggering System available.

The PocketWizard MultiMAX Transceiver is the world's most innovative and advanced digital radio triggering system available in the photographic market. With its sophisticated trigger time control software and transceiver communication capabilities, the MultiMAX model opens up limitless creative possibilities for the professional or serious amateur photographer.

Please note, that these MultiMax Transceiver pairs are uniquely coded, so as to not interfere with any other PocketWizards being used by other photographers in the vicinity. This is the only way to ensure reliable operation in a venue such as the Olympics!

·    Thirty-Two, 16-Bit Channels
·    Selective Quad-Zone Triggering
·    Time-Lapse Imaging
·    Multi-Pop Flash
·    Rear-Curtain Sync
·    SpeedCycler

The MultiMAX transceiver makes almost any image possible.

Price for Pair:      Reg. $913.95 Sale $799.49
AC adaptors also available for $85.95

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  1. This is what I'm looking for but had no idea that even on sale these would still be that expensive.


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