Friday, March 9, 2012

PocketWizard Announces the PLUS III Transceiver

In the shadow of the big two camera companies announcing their new cameras, PocketWizard has introduced the new PLUS III Transceiver. While no one improvement is earth shattering the overall improvements will secure their lion's share of the non TTL pro market for while!  The highlights include: extended range, more channels, auto-relay mode (more about that below) and new design.

Modeled to fit the needs and budget of the Plus series market, the Plus III offers significant upgrades only found on the ultimate PocketWizard: the MultiMAX.
Impressive features such as 32 channels (16 Standard and 16 Quad-Zone Triggering channels) allow the photographer to activate or deactivate remote flash units or cameras wirelessly in four separately controllable zones (A, B, C, D), just like the MultiMAX.

In addition, the New Plus III Transceiver is a selectable transmitter, receiver or transceiver radio incorporated into a new contoured modern housing. It offers familiar features such as Auto-Sensing Transceiver Mode and Relay Mode in addition to cool new advanced features never before offered in an affordable radio. Immediately as you hold the Plus III in your hand, you’ll notice the amber backlit LCD screen and clean layout of the rubberized buttons that drive the Plus III to perform the task at hand. Channels, Quad-Zones, radio mode and even the battery status are all displayed for immediate viewing by the photographer. The PocketWizard Plus III offers more features at an astounding price than any wireless shooter could have imaged. In addition, the Plus III’s system compatibility (with the MultiMAX) offers MultiMAX shooters, or those who wish they were an affordable opportunity to entire the world of Quad-Zone Triggering, and much more.

32 Channels
Compatibly with all PocketWizard radios
Selective Quad-Zone Triggering
Activate/Deactivate up to four selectable zones of remote flash or cameras
Auto-Sensing Transceiver
TxRx intelligent technology, determines the right setting for quick setups and shoots
Two-Stage Remote Camera Triggering
Control your remote camera as if you had it in your hands
Auto-Relay Mode
Trigger remote cameras and flash units simultaneously
Long Range Mode
Doubles the range of operation
High Speed Receive Mode
Trigger your camera at 14.5 fps

All this and a new lower price of $169.95

If you want to save some money you can buy a PlusII ( Previous version) till the end of March and get a $20.00 instant rebate! While quantities last!

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  1. The PocketWizard Plus III Transceiver is the most reliable, feature-packed, easy-to-use solution for remote flash and camera triggering available.



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