Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nikon D4 - Oh Em Gee! It's here!

NEW!  Rent and try the Nikon D4!  The long awaited Nikon D4 is finally here, settling in comfortably on the Nikon shelf!  Jam packed with the latest technology available to non-military personnel, this camera simply rocks.   Want to shoot your favourite rugby players running down the field with their noses in each others arm pits?  Want to shoot that Peregrine Falcon swooping down on a pigeon for the kill?  Then this is the camera for you!  With 10fps with full AF & AE (11fps in manual mode), you can rest assured that shot will be yours!  As a low light (concerts, wedding receptions) camera, it is simply peerless - 6400 ISO & 12,800 ISO are actually useable for printing!

Available immediately for rent: $300/day

Nikon D4 + 400mm f2.8VR

More photos after the break:

Young Peregrine Falcon
Nikon D4 + 400mm f2.8VR

Harris Hawk
Nikon D4 + 400mm f2.8VR

9 O'clock Gun @ Stanley Park
Nikon D4 + 14-24mm f2.8 AF-S

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