Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New for Rentals! Canon 8-15mm f4L Fisheye Zoom

Recently, Canon unleashed their 8~15mm f4L Fisheye Zoom lens onto an unsuspecting photography world and turned it on its ear.   This new, radical lens design from Canon is a member of a very exclusive club: the fisheye zoom!  The 8~15mm Fisheye is a very sharp lens that is unbelievably resistant to flare and extremely fun to use. 


15mm on Canon 5DmkII:

8mm on Canon 5DmkII:

More images below.
Local wedding photographer, Vivian Chung (http://www.vivianchung.com/blog) has graciously agreed to let us use her stunning images on our blog to show what can be done with the Canon 8~15mm f4L Fisheye.  Thanks, Vivian!

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