Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Great Sale on "Drop It Modern" Backdrops

WOW!  40% off in stock drop it MODERN backdrops this week only!
drop it MODERN backdrops are the funkiest, coolest and finest quality backdrops that we sell. Their great designs and colours will make your model stand out and separate you from the weekend warrior photographer.  "What makes... (the DIM)... backdrop different than others. This question is simply answered: you can feel the difference. With one touch you will realize the Drop it MODERN difference. (Their) backdrops are created for the discerning photographer by professional photographers. (They) have hand picked the most luxurious materials for all of (their) backdrops and we know that with just one touch you'll be sold. Drop it MODERN backdrops are the perfect marriage of sophisticated fabrics, textures, and durability. This is not your typical muslin backdrop".

CALL KEN, come on in, or place your order via email  for the last days of this incredible deal.
Supply is limited to DIM in stock here at Beau Photo (till Friday) and at the DIM Warehouse (till Thursday AM) only.  * Please note the new specialty line including Spangled is only 10% off *
Have a look at all their products on line at http://www.dropitmodern.com/wp/index.php/backdrops

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