Tuesday, October 4, 2011

PPOC-BC Northern Region Wrap Up

This past weekend Mike and I had the pleasure of spending some quality time at the PPOC-BC Northern Region seminar up in Prince George. As always we were once again spoiled by the Northern hospitality and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone again. We're sorry we weren't able to stay on Monday to hear Albert Normandin present his "Adventures in Creativity" program, especially because we heard a great time was had by all!

Congratulations to all the winners and especially to Ute Wilder who won Best Overall Submission.

Time-Lapse: Prince George to Maple Ridge

Here is a time lapse movie that Mike shot from inside the rental minivan, coming back from the seminar in Prince George. A Nikon P7100 was mounted to a passenger side hand-grip with a Gorillapod. The camera was set to time-lapse mode, taking one shot every 30 seconds and the resulting frames are played back at 10 fps in this video. Unfortunately the battery died before we got all the way back. However, still very impressive battery life! The camera was running for over 9 hours straight and took about 1100 frames.

Music is an excerpt from the song "Speedbumps" by Sounds from the Ground. (iTunes Link)

Here is a photo of the camera mounted inside the vehicle...

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