Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Reviewed! Fujifilm X-Pro2...

After using my new X-Pro2 for well over a month, I've finally managed to get my full review published on my own blog. I've included a fair bit of material, including details on the performance of most lenses after testing many different Fujifilm lenses, nine of which I actually own myself now. There are details of the operation of the Hybrid-Viewfinder, card write speed and buffer size tests, comments on ergonomics, user interface, focus performance and, of course, image quality. Link to the review is above.

To summarize, I really enjoy shooting with the X-Pro2. Not only does it have great image quality, but it also has quick and reliable AF as well as very snappy performance overall, with a very fast and responsive shutter mechanism (that also sounds great) and minimal EVF blackout between frames. It has a generous raw buffer, exhibits fast card write times (with UHS-II U3 cards) and is generally responsive enough that you never feel like you are waiting for the camera to catch up. With its enhanced Hybrid-Viewfinder, revised control ergonomics, a custom My Menu, a configurable Q menu as well as numerous customizable buttons, it is also one of the most fluid cameras I've used, one I've been able to configure so that it's perfectly suited to my style of photography.

As with any camera, it is not perfect and there are some quirks and annoyances detailed in the review as well, relatively poor battery life being one of them. That said, none of the issues are even remotely deal breakers for me, and I can still highly recommend the X-Pro2 for most types of photography.

If you just want to see a gallery of images taken with the X-Pro2, and deal with reading the text later, click on the image below, taken in the Nitobe Gardens at UBC. Speaking of images, there are also numerous full-resolution files you can download that are linked within the review. Enjoy!

Gallery (110 images): Fujifilm X-Pro2 Review Gallery 


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