Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Phase One IQ140 Demo/Rental SALE

Up for sales is our ex-rental Phase One IQ140 with a 645 DF body and 80mm leaf-shutter lens offering flash-sync speeds up to a very fast 1/1600 second. The body has been upgraded with a 10K Li-Ion battery pack and charger, giving you many thousands of frames between charges for the DF body. The IQ140 is a 40 megapixel digital back (1.3x crop-factor from 645) with an ISO range of 50-800, and in reduced resolution Sensor+ mode, up to ISO 3200. The IQ140 is one of the latest generation of Phase One backs with a "Retina" resolution touch screen and a truly well designed and intuitive touch interface.

The IQ140 digital back with 645DF is a Value-Added bundle with all standard accessories. Beau Photo will provide a 90 day warranty on the digital back. The 645DF body and 80mm lens will have a 30 day warranty. The original plastic screen protector is still on the LCD so that should be pristine, however the body and back do have a few small nicks and scuffs as you can tell on the photo.

The price for this package is $8,995.

As an added bonus, we will throw in a $300 rental coupon that you can use to rent or test out additional Phase One or Mamiya lenses, rent lighting or whatever else might interest you...

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