Thursday, May 26, 2016

Phase One P65+ Demo/Rental SALE

In order to make room for newer digital back systems in our rental dept., we have decided to put our current models up for sale. Up for grabs here is a Phase One P65+ digital back. This is a 60 megapixel full-frame 645 digital back with extremely high image quality. It is mated to an autofocus Hasselblad H2 body and comes with an HC 80mm f/2.8 lens. All Hasselblad HC lenses have leaf shutters so you can sync your flashes at up to 1/800 of a second.

The package includes batteries, charger, Firewire tether cable and most standard accessories. In addition, a Hasselblad 120 film magazine for the H2 body is also included. The kit is cosmetically in good condition with only a few minor scuffs and scratches on the body.

The Hasselblad H-body, viewfinder, film magazine and 80mm lens have a 30 day warranty, just like any other used item we sell, but the P65+ digital back will come with an extra few months, a total warranty of 90 days.

The price for this package is $8,495.  SOLD!

As an added bonus, we will throw in a $300 rental coupon that you can use to rent or test out additional Hasselblad lenses, rent lighting or whatever else might interest you...

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