Friday, June 3, 2016

iOgrapher now at Beau Photo

For the videographer / film maker we are now selling the iOgrapher line of video accessories. These accessories are perfect for those using their iPhone, iPad or a GoPro to create creative movies on a budget. Also the iOgrapher is ideal for coaches or athletes who want to improve their skills with any of the many sport improvement apps that are out there, and want better quality non shaky video. The iOgrapher frame has two handles to help you hold your iPhone, iPad or GoPro steady, as well as a tripod mount to allow you to attach it to any tripod head when you want to be hands free. It also has a cold shoe mount to attach a small mic or sound recording device. We are also carrying the small Rode mics; Video Micro and Video mic Me, the perfect mic for your indi-video making needs. See more on their website -
iOgrapher Go for GoPro, iOgrapher for iPhone and iOgrapher for iPad each sell for only $89.95

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