Friday, January 13, 2012

NEW: Fujifilm X-Pro1

At the CES/PMA trade-show this week, Fujifilm announced the very interesting new X-Pro1 camera system. Although the following description certainly doesn't do justice to all of its new features, in many ways, you can think of it as a new, improved interchangeable lens version of the highly regarded X100.

I was meaning to blog about this camera on Monday already, but I've been fighting a bad cold all week and just never felt up to it after coming home from work. I never found the time at work either. Anyway, watch for my detailed "first thoughts" on the X-Pro1 in the next day or two. They unfortunately won't be based on actually handling the camera yet in person (like I was able to with the Nikon D4), but since I have been an enthusiastic X100 user since getting mine earlier last year, and after seeing numerous detailed videos online that walk through many of the X-Pro1's new features and its user-interface, I think I am reasonably qualified to give some initial impressions.

In the meantime, here are some links of interest, if you haven't seen them yet...

Fujifilm Canada's Official Press Release
Fujifilm Canada's Product Page
Fujifilm Global's Product Page (lots of sample images too)
Fujifilm's dedicated X-Pro1 website
Announcement on dpreview

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