Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Consignment Polaroid Land Cameras

More Polaroid Land cameras have just arrived to the Beau Photo Consignment cabinet!

We have a mint Polaroid land 450, that comes with its original box and is selling for $110.00.

There is also a Polaroid Land 250, this camera is quite popular, it is being consigned for $80.00.

On the lower end of the things there is a Polaroid Land 330 which is being sold for $50.00.
The last one is a Polaroid Land Countdown 90. This is one I've actually never seen in person before, it is selling for $60.00. 

 All of these cameras are in great condition and film is still readily available for them. In our store we carry the Fuji FP100c, it costs $16.43. However if your looking for more variety old stock of the Fuji or Polaroid Type 100 can be found from private sellers on line.

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