Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hasselblad 150mm f/4 Sonnar CFi Lens

New Hasselblad 150mm f/4 Sonnar CFi Lens designed by Carl Zeiss

Original Price $4025.00 Clearance $1900.00


The Zeiss Sonnar CFi 150mm f/4 has a moderate but unmistakable telephoto effect - shallow depth-of-field and compressed perspective. A popular lens for portrait, fashion and landscape photography.
Popular portrait lens
Classic Zeiss Sonnar design

Hasselblad Lens Designations

CF lenses constitute Hasselblad's main lens series with focal lengths from 30mm to 500mm and are intended primarily for the 500 series cameras; They have built-in leaf shutters with speeds up to 1/500th second and flash sync on all speeds
The CFi is the "improved" CF series with increased contrast, upgraded shutter components, a locking PC-socket for flash sync cords, a redesigned and smoother focusing mechanism, a reinforced rear bayonet plate, a non-metallic front bayonet which withstands wear substantially better than the previous design and a new exterior design
CFE lenses have all the features of CFi lenses and also include the databus contacts for complete compatibility to the 200 series cameras