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Renaissance Albums - Stock Albums

Welcome to Renaissance Stock Albums - Please find below our selection of stock albums available from BEAU Photo, We stock the popular lines at our store in Vancouver B.C. Canada.  We are happy to special order any item for you.
To request a price list please contact us at Beau Photo. Please note we sell Renaissance albums for the purpose of re-sale.

MATTED albums:
AMBIANCE BOOK - A matted album featuring a sophisticated and contemporary look with clean lines. Ambiance mats are linen textured and self-adhesive.

- Create your own Ambiance Book (order form)
- Assorted Mats with White core (order form)
- Swatch Samples: (view)

What's on hand at BEAU Photo:

(Ambiance 10x10 Black, 10 page with square)
(Ambiance 10x10 Black, 10 page with square)
(Ambiance 10x10 Black, 10 page with square) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

LIBRARY ALBUM - Experience the sophistication and timeless quality of our most popular album line. The Library Album is an elegant book that features durable bound pages with beautifully gilded edges.
Mix and Match custom page amounts and design available.

- Create your own Library Album (order form)- Assorted Mats  (view)
- Swatch Samples: (view)

Large size album: (maximum print size 10x10 )
Medium size album: (maximum print size 8x8 )

What's on hand at BEAU:
Madison N.L. cover,black page,silver edge/square opening)
LIB91-12BS-SQ (Large 12 page)
LIB91-18BS-SQ (Large 18 page)
LIB91-24BS-SQ (Large 24 page)

Matt Madison N.L. cover,black page,black edge/square opening)
LIB91M-06BB-SQ (Large 06 page)
LIB91M-12BB-SQ (Large 12page)
LIB91M-18BB-SQ (Large 18page)
LIB91M-24BB-SQ (Large 24page)
LIB61M-09BB-SQ (Medium 09page)LIB61M-12BB-SQ (Medium 12page)

Library Album, black embossed,silver gilding edge
LIB91-12BS-EM (Large 12 page)
LIB91-18BS-EM (Large 18 page)LIB91-24BS-EM (Large 24 page)
LIB61-09BS-EM (Medium 09 page)
LIB61-12BS-EM (Medium 12 page)


MILANO ALBUM - Revel in the ultimate marriage of elegance and versatility. Milano Albums offer the refined style of a set capacity book with the flexibility and convenience of removable pages.

- Create your own Milano Album (order form)
- Assorted Mats  (view)
- Swatch Samples: (view)
 What's on hand at BEAU:
MIL91-12 EM (Large 12 page Embossed)
MIL91-15 EM (Large 15 page Embossed)
MIL91-15 SQ (Large 15 page with Square)
MIL91M-SQ-12 (Large matte 12 page with Square)
MIL91M-SQ-15 (Large matte 15 page with Square)

SEVILLE ALBUM - Whether used as a companion album, a portrait book or a high-end proofing book, Renaissance Euro-Ring Seville Album is an ideal choice for any special occasion.

SVC61M ( Matte black medium cover)


ÉLAN ALBUM - Renaissance's redesigned Élan Book is now available in bound book style and in upscale Élan leather. Élan books are the perfect companion or portrait album.

- Swatch Samples: (view)
- Create your own Library Album (order form)

Sizes:4x5, 4x6, 4x6 2-up, 5x7,
Colours: Black, Brown, Burgundy and Ivory
Capacity: 10 page

What's on hand at BEAU:
EL246BLK - ( Black 4x6-2up, 10 page, 40 image capacity)

EL57BLK- ( Black 5x7, 10 page, 20 image capacity)
EL57BRN - ( Brown 5x7, 10 page, 20 image capacity)

THE PARK ALBUM - Clean features and a polished presentation define this album. The Park Slip-In album offers a high-end blend of ease and beauty. Full-sized images are framed into a luxurious presentation.

Sizes: 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 10x10

Colours: Black, Burgundy
Capacity: 10, 15 page

What's on hand at BEAU:
SI-BS0507-10BB ( 5x7 maximum, 10 page Black)
SI-BS0810 - 10BB ( 8x10 maximum, 10 page Black)
SI-BS0810 - 15BB ( 8x10 maximum, 15 page Black)
SELF-MOUNT albums:

VENTURA ALBUM ( VEN )- A high-end Ventura self-adhesive album is available in a variety of luxurious colours and sizes. Each Ventura Albums is beautifully crafted to display your most precious moments in a popular flush-mounted look.
Sizes: 2x3, 3x3, 4x5, 4x6, 6x4, 5x5, 5x7,

7x5, 8x8,8x10, 10x10, 11x14, 12x12
Colours: Black, Brown

What's on hand at BEAU:
VEN 2x 3 - 5pg Black / Brown ( VEN23-5 )
VEN 3x 3 - 5pg Black / Brown ( VEN33-5 )
VEN 4x 5 - 5pg Black- ( VEN45-5 )
VEN 4x 6 - 10pg Black ( VEN46-10 )
VEN 5x 7 - 10pg Black ( VEN57-10 )
VEN 7x 5 - 10pg Black - ( VEN75-10 )
VEN 8x 8 - 10pg SQ Black ( VEN88-10SQ )
VEN 8x 8 - 15pg SQ Black ( VEN88-15SQ )
VEN 8x 8 - 20pg SQ Black ( VEN88-20SQ )
VEN 8x 10 - 10pg SQ Black ( VEN810-10SQ )
VEN 8x 10 - 15pg SQ Black ( VEN810-15SQ )
VEN 8x 10 - 20pg SQ Black ( VEN810-20SQ )
VEN 10x 10 - 10pg SQ Black ( VEN1010-10SQ )
VEN 10x 10 - 15pg SQ Black ( VEN1010-15SQ )
VEN 10x 10 - 20pg SQ Black ( VEN1010-20SQ )
VEN 12x 12 - 10pg SQ Black ( VEN1212-10SQ )
VEN 11x 14 - 10pg SQ Black ( VEN1114-10SQ )

ROMA ALBUM - The Roma Book is a contemporary self-mount album featuring full-page re-positionable adhesive.

Sizes: 5x5, 8x8, 8x10, 10x10
Colours: Black, Brown, Black Pearl

- Create your own Roma Album (order form)
- Swatch Samples: (view)
What's on hand at BEAU:
ROM - BLK1010 - 10 (Black 10x10)

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