Monday, December 19, 2011

On the Sixth day of Christmas....... I CANT BELIEVE IT!

The ZOOM H4n is a perfect gift for the DSLR Videographer. Described by some (more famous bloggers than myself) as the industry standard, they have enough features to satisfy even the most demanding filmmakers.  Features like adjustable stereo-mics that allow you to set the recording pattern to either a 90º or 120º angle, adjustable recording rates up to a high resolution uncompressed 96KHz/24-bit, dual XLR/phono inputs, and a digitally controlled high quality preamp for incredible sound. The H4n boasts a very low noise floor for very clean low-level audio recording. For more info go to:

At a great price of $349.95
As well there is the H1 for the Santa who is keeping to the budget  for only $109.95

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