Friday, October 28, 2011

Sugar Studios

Sugar Studios are the first of their kind in Western Canada, boasting two high end photography rental studios:  Studio A, with its 36' infinity wall is wonderful for any style of photography - advertising, editorial, portrait, automobile, table top, etc - while Studio B is coveted for its beautiful available light, even on a rainy day.

Sugar's clean white interiors can also be rented as an event space for corporate or personal parties and are perfect for any type of art of photo exhibit.

Sugar Studios is located 1635 Powell Street in Vancouver, BC.
Contact Sugar Studios at 604-879-1635 or e-mail

Beau Photo also offers FREE DELIVERY & PICK-UP as an exclusive offer only to Sugar Studios.  If you rent your equipment through Beau Photo, we will deliver it to Sugar Studios and pick-up for no extra charge - a $50 savings!  Please give us at least 24 hours notice.  Our rental equipment guide can be viewed here.

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